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AWS Membership

Our membership year begins in September and ends in June with limited activities offered throughout the summer months, such as coffee mornings where new members can get acquainted. Members also receive access to our Members Only area of the AWS website,, which contains more detailed information about club activities, the membership directory, member classified ads, business and services directory, and other information that is helpful for newcomers. The club also provides monthly E-newsletters and updates to keep members informed of upcoming events and important information.

Membership Fees

There are 3 levels of membership available:
Standard Single membership ................. £65
Alumni Single membership ................. £40
Senior Single membership (60+) ................................... £30
Couple membership* ........................... £100 *Couple membership is for spouses who wish to participate in activities beyond social events

Reduced membership fees are charged for new members who join after January 1 in the membership year. If you are unable to join online, please contact the membership coordinator at

You may join AWS by using the form below:

First nameSurname
EmailYour email address will also be used as your login to the AWS website.
PasswordChoose your password for the AWS website. Passwords must have at least 4 numbers or letters.
City Post code
Mobile phone Home phone
Spouse(if you have a spouse/partner, please add their name)
Membership fee
£65  Standard single membership
£40  Alumni – former members no longer living in the UK
£30  Senior single membership – must be 60 years or older to qualify
£100  Joint membership
Children(ages and genders)
Schools(local schools that your children attend)
Origin(home city or country)
Passports held
Areas of interest
You are what we need to make AWS a success! Please indicate where you might like to help or what talents you would like to share and someone from that committee will contact you.
Social Events – Help with our various social events and meetings.
Charity Events – Help the team plan fundraising and selecting the charities we support.
Holiday Gift Fayre – Help us impact our community in a big way and have fun in the process. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Welcoming – Help welcome new members by hosting a coffee or help us plan fun get togethers.
Annual Guide – Help with advertising, graphic arts or publishing.
Computer Skills/IT – Help us with your computer skills or IT expertise. This could be in various areas of AWS.
Accounting – Help us with Quicken or QuickBooks used for AWS accounts.
Marketing/PR – Help us get the word out about club activities and achievements.
Activities – Help with an existing activity/class or start up something new.
Membership – Help with membership database and IT tasks.
Like to help but not sure how or where? Let us know and we can help you find something.
Terms and conditions
Please click here to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of conditions displayed at the bottom of this page.

AWS Terms & Conditions

I agree to the above details stored on our server and used only for the purposes of the American Women of Surrey as determined by its Governing Board. I further agree to abide by the By laws and Operating Procedures as defined by the Governing Board for The American Women of Surrey. Participation in the Club's activities, classes and crèche is voluntary and solely at the participant's risk. You agree to indemnify AWS for any injury or inconvenience that may occur at any AWS meeting, activity, class, social event, or informal gathering organized by its members.

Your personal information, provided above, will be stored on our private secured database and used only for the sole purpose of AWS as determined by the Board and/or stated in the By-laws. AWS maintains and distributes an address directory, available only to the members of AWS and for private use only. If you do not want your contact details included in this directory or for further information on how your information is used, please contact AWS will not sell or distribute your contact details, including your email address, to third parties.

AWS Photo Release
As a member of AWS, I hereby agree to allow photographs, videos and likeness of me to be used in print and online materials designed for the news and American Women of Surrey (AWS) publicity. Furthermore, I am aware that some photos may be taken at events which include family members, my minor children and friends. I release all claims against AWS with respect to copyright ownership and publication including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.

AWS provides the membership with various activities and events throughout the calendar year. Some activities require payment and signups. It is the sole responsibility of the members to secure their own signup and payment as needed and agree that confirmation to the activity/event will not be valid until payment has been accepted and approved via online payment, check or cash, based on the sign-up requirements necessary. Paid activity/event sign ups are not refundable, but there may be an opportunity to sell your spot (at the same price paid) to another member only via a waitlist if available. If your spot cannot be sold via a waitlist, a refund is not possible.

Your agree and confirm that you understand that the AWS, the American Women of Surrey and the AWS Logo, and the membership directory, the Annual AWS Roundabout Surrey Guide Book and all AWS Newsletters are for the private use of its' members and are NOT to be used for commercial, political, religious purpose or otherwise, and cannot be distributed by any members to non-members via email, electronically, mail or hardcopies.

By clicking above, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and condition as (1) that I have read, understand and agree to the foregoing terms of membership and usage of
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